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King Henry VIII and his Six Wives
Katherine Parr
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Henry VIII

Katherine Parr
(1512- 1548)
Sixth and Final Wife of Henry VIII, outlived him


Katherine was the most unique of Henry's wives because unlike all of them she was not married out of love or political gain, the aging king married her to take care of him for the remainder of his life.
Katherine Parr was the daughter Thomas Parr, a squire who had assisted both Henry VII and Henry VIII.  Katherine first married Sir Edward Burough, but was widowed in 1529.  Her second husband was Sir John Nevill, Lord Latimer, a wealthy landowner in Yorkshire.  He died in 1542.
Before marrying the King, Katherine had been considering marrying Thomas Seymour, the late Jane Seymour's brother and uncle of Prince Edward.  When the King proposed, however, she was forced to give up plans of marrige with Thomas.  18 months after Kathryn Howard's execution, Henry and Katherine were married in 1543.
Katherine nursed Henry in his illness' and brought his family closer together, taking particular interest in the education of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Edward.  She became a mother figure for them, and encouraged them both in their studies.  Henry died in 1547, and for the thrid time in her life, Katherine was once again a widow.
Thomas Seymour once again proposed marriage to Katherine, and she accepted.  Her marriage to Thomas was filled with turmoil, since Thomas began to take a special interest to Princess Elizabeth, who lived in their household for a time, and was even caught kissing her once.  Elizabeth was sent back to court, and Katherine soon became pregnant.  She gave birth to a daughter, Mary, in 1548, but did not recover from childbirth and died shortly after.  She is buried at St. Mary's Church in Sudeley Castle.
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