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King Henry VIII and his Six Wives
Jane Seymour
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Jane Seymour
(1509?- 1537) 
Third Wife of Henry VIII, Died


Jane Seymour was nothing like her predecessor, Anne Boleyn.  Quiet, obidient, humble, and loyal to the Catholic church, it is often rightfully said that Jane was Henry's favorite wife.
The exact time that Jane came to the English court is not known, but it is said that she was a lady-in-waiting to both Catherine and Anne.
In 1535, tired of Anne, and frusterated that she had yet to produce a son, Henry turned his attentions on the lovely Jane Seymour.  Within 24 hours after Anne's execution, Henry and Jane were betrothed.  On May 30, 1536, they were married.  Jane was never had a coronation.
Two months after the wedding, Henry's bastard son, Henry Fitzroy, died at the age of 17. 
Jane became pregnant in early 1537.  Finally, in October, Jane had accomplished what both Catherine and Anne had been unable to do: she produced the heir to the English throne, Prince Edward.  Princess Mary became Edward's godmother.  It was through Jane that Henry was reconciled with his two daughters.
Just two weeks after Edward's birth, Jane fell ill of an infection and fever.  She died on October 24.  Jane was buried in the tomb Henry was preparing for himself at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.  She was the only one of Henry's wives to be buried with him.
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