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Gelhar_Obodzinski Family History

How to use WINRAR
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Downloading a Family Tree?  Learn how to use WINRAR

All my family trees are compacted using a computer program called "Winrar."  If you do not know how to use WINRAR (which you will need to know how to use to read the family trees), then you have come to the right place!  If you are still confused after reading these directions, please Contact Me and I will try to help you as best I can.
How download and use WINRAR if you do not have it on you're computer:
2. Scroll down the page to the column marked "English WinRAR and RAR release."
3. In that column, click the first WINRAR software in the column, called "WinRAR 3.42."
4. A box will pop up that says "File Download."
5. At the bottom of the box it has 4 buttons, click the button that says "Save."
6. Then, another box will pop up asking you where you would like the WINRAR to be downloaded into you're computer.  Put the WINRAR in any folder you would like, a good place is "My Documents."
7. Next, the the WINRAR will install.  Depending on how fast you're internet connection is, this may take a while.
8. Then, go to the folder where you downloaded the WinRAR and double click it.
9. A box will pop up.  Click the "Install" button.
10. It will then install.  After that, another box will pop up, click the "Ok" button.  Then click the "Done" button.
11. You have now finished downloading WinRAR, now continue with the directions below in "How to use WINRAR if you already have it on you're computer."
How to use WINRAR if you already have it on you're computer:
1. Double click the family tree you want to use, or unlock.
2. A window will open.  At the top click the button "Extract To", then choose a file on the computer you want it to go to, "My Documents" is a good file to extract it to, if you have no clue where you want to put it.
3. Then, close the WinRAR window, and go to the folder where you extracted the family tree.  You will now see a folder that has the family surname of the family tree you downloaded. 
4. Open the folder, inside you will find a Family Tree and a Readme.  Please read the Readme, then open the family file.  You may open the family file and read the information inside.
Congrats!!!  You have now unlocked the file and now you may use it, Enjoy!