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Gelhar_Obodzinski Family History

ZAWACKI, Sophie Catherine
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ZAWACKI, Sophie Catherine

Born: 1916
Maiden Name: ?
Names of Children: Richard Joseph Zawacki, Living (Zawacki) Schillaci, Living (Zawacki) Truhlar, Donald Joseph Zawacki
Names of Parents: ? & Katarzyna (Strojny) Kupiec
Marital Status: Married
Name of Spouse: Joseph Stanley Zawacki
Places he/she lived: Illinois 
The father of Sophie Catherine remains a mystery.  Here's the story, as far as I know it:
I am certain that Katarzyna was not married before she was married to Filip.  For a while, it was simply assumed that Katarzyna had had an affair before marriage and had had Sophie as a result.  There is now a family rumour that Filip and Katarzyna had had an affair before Maryanna's death, therefore making Sophie his child.  This is also the reason I do not know Sophie's maiden name.  If anyone has any information, please Contact Me

This information came from family members.

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