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Gelhar_Obodzinski Family History

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Born: May 1, 1881 in Zagorow Limanowa, Poland
Died: November 29, 1948 in Chicago, IL
Married: First Wife: April 13, 1913 in Chicago, IL
Names of Children: Stanley Kupiec, Sophie Catherine (Kupiec) Setnor, Infant Kupiec by first wife.  Jozef Kupiec, Bruno Albert Kupiec, Chester Jacob Kupiec, Eleanore J. (Kupiec) Puidk Plovanich, Matthew Kupiec, Stephen Phillip Kupiec, Adolf Kupiec by second wife.
Names of Parents: Antoni Kupiec & Anna (Smiaerciak) Kupiec
Marital Status: First wife died, remained married to second wife.
Name of Spouses: First Wife: Maryanna (Mierczak) Kupiec.  Second Wife: Katarzyna (Strojny) Kupiec
Places he/she lived: Poland & Illinois
Family Relation: Filip Kupiec is my 2 greats grandfather on my mother's side


This information came from family members.

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